Once spring arrives, people decide the time is right to do things they couldn't do in the winter. One such thing is to take their car to a service department and request any necessary maintenance.

Avoid any guessing games about what you need to be done. The car's owner's manual lists all the recommended services required at specific mileage and/or age points. Get caught up with the necessary work, and ask the mechanic to double-check the car to make sure nothing’s wrong.

Flushing and refilling the coolant, changing the oil and air filter, rotating the tires, and getting the brakes checked are all examples of maintenance. The car might require other work performed if it idles rough or stalls. A multi-point inspection and road test could reveal any vehicle woes.

The team at Aurora Chrysler thinks you'll find the service department here helpful. The technicians can handle all types of routine and special service requests.

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