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When Was The Last Time Your Tires Were Rotated & Balanced?

Tire Rotation and Balancing in Aurora, Ontario

When Was the Last Time Your Tires Were Rotated and Balanced?

Taking care of your vehicle is a necessity, and an often-overlooked part of vehicle maintenance is the tires. To ensure that your tires are in good shape, they need to be rotated and balanced. Customers can schedule a service appointment for various tire services, regular maintenance, and vehicle repairs through our dealership at Aurora Chrysler.

Tire Rotation, Balance, Alignment - What's the Difference?

When you think about tire rotation, you will also think about alignment and balance. Tire rotation involves switching the rear and front wheels on your vehicle, which helps the tires to wear more evenly. For tire balancing, tires and wheels can become unevenly weighted, which can cause wobbling when driving. Your mechanic will add weights to balance out your vehicle's wheels, making it drive smoother. In the alignment process, the mechanic changes the tires' angle to adjust the car's suspension to fit suggested specifications for your make and model.

Tire Rotation For Front-Wheel-Drive & AWD vehicles

No matter if your vehicle is all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive, you will need to have a tire rotation. All-wheel drive vehicles need tire rotation frequently to evenly wear out all tires and maintain equal traction at all driving wheels. Getting regular tire rotations and balancing will help extend the life of the tires as well.


Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Yes, tire rotation is necessary to maximize the lifespan of your tire set and allows an expert to check the tread of your tires.

How Often Should You Rotate Car Tires?

You should rotate your tires about every 8,000 kilometres. Many people choose to rotate their tires with every other oil change, which seems to work perfectly. If you are driving on winter roads for half the year in parts of Canada, you may want to consider rotation during your semi-annual tire change.

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