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Save up to 25% on in stock 2023 RAM 1500! Find Out More!

Make the Most of Your Test Drive at Aurora Chrysler

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How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive in Aurora, ON

A test drive is crucial to helping you determine which vehicle suits you best, and at Aurora Chrysler, not only do we offer this service to every consumer, we can also help you make the most of your test drive with some valuable tips. Whether you reside in Aurora, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, or Brampton, ON, find out how to make your test drive count below and contact Aurora Chrysler today to schedule yours.

Firstly, it's wise to avoid booking your test drive right after someone else has taken the vehicle for a spin, as taking the wheel when the engine is cold will give you a better sense of the car's condition and performance. If you're test driving a pre-owned model, feel free to take a look under the hood, check the car's vital fluid levels, and have a look underneath for any possible leaks while the engine idles. Once you take the driver's seat, set its position to your preferences, then hop in the back seat to get a sense of the vehicle's rear passenger room. Before putting the car in drive, get acquainted with its centre stack and console and get a feel for where your important controls are. Now that you're thoroughly acquainted with the vehicle's cabin, you can start driving, and we recommend finding a rougher patch of road to see whether the vehicle can maintain its composure and your ride comfort. We also suggest getting a feel for the model's steering, braking system, acceleration, cruising, and cornering ability, and don't forget to listen for any telling sounds, especially if you're testing out a used vehicle.

Now that we've filled you in on how to optimize your test drive, contact us at Aurora Chrysler to schedule your next test drive at your convenience and come one step closer to finding your dream model.

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