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Why You Should Change To Winter Tires

Winter Tires

When To Put On Winter Tires On Your Vehicle

You may ask yourself when is the best time to install winter tires for winter. Although there are all-season tires available, they may not offer equal protection for all seasons. All-season tires often make compromises in traction, tread life, fuel economy, and ride quality. In addition, all-season tires usually perform poorly during the winter and usually become hard and lose pliability in freezing weather conditions. Therefore, you should consider installing winter tires to handle icy and freezing temperatures.

It is also important to consider the effect winter tires have on insurance in Ontario because many companies require them to be installed on your vehicle by a specific date. Insurance companies in Ontario are also required to give you a discount for installing winter tires on your vehicle. At Aurora Chrysler, we are your one-stop dealership for all of your winter tire needs. Our tire experts in the Service Centre can recommend the best tires for your vehicle.

Why You Should Change to Winter Tires

Winter Tires Remain Flexible

Winter tires are constructed of soft rubber that maintains their flexibility to conform to the road, enhancing traction, handling, and control.

Unique Tread Pattern

Winter tires are designed with a distinctive tread pattern that features special channels to dispel water and snow. These tires also usually have small slits or deep sipes in the tread for optimum performance in slush and water, improving traction and helping prevent hydroplaning.

Traction & Safety

Good traction is also critical for proper stopping and steering. Winter tires improve overall safety during the winter and give you peace of mind while driving.


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When winter rolls around, it is important to remember to install winter tires on your vehicle. They provide superior traction and performance over all-season tires. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or to browse our vast new inventory of vehicles.

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